General Hydroponics RainForest 66

Product Name:Rainforest 66
# Plants:6
Size Plants:Medium
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The General Hydroponics Rainforest 66 Aeroponic System at a Glance

The GH Rainforest 66 is an advanced aeroponic system that incorporates a nutrient vortex sprayer. That means that nutrient solution is evenly distributed to the roots of up to six large plants. While compact is size, the Rainforest 66 is one of the most advanced hydroponic systems on the market.


The system is perfect for techie gardeners looking to push the boundaries of hydroponics. It’s one of our top recommendations for the following reasons.

  • Compact footprint. The Rainforest 66 can grow six large plants in a footprint that only needs a single light (500w+ MH/HPS or 250w+  LED recommended).
  • Faster growth. By spraying roots directly with oxygenated nutrient solution, the Rainforest 66 ensures optimal nutrient/oxygen ratios. That means faster growth, even by hydoponics standards.
  • Included nutrients. Like most General Hydroponics systems, the Rainforest 66 includes a starter set of 3-part flora series nutrients.
  • Expandable. The hexagonal shape makes it easy to pack multiple Rainforest 66s in a small area. With no wasted space in between systems, you’ll be able to cut down on lighting and space requirements.
  • Simple. Set up your seedlings or cuttings in the included CocoTek liners and caps, fill the 13 gallon tank with your nutrient mixture and plug it in. That’s it.

    Rainforest 66 Aeroponic System

    Grow up to 6 large plants


The Rainforest 66 is not the cheapest system out there, so the price can scare away novice gardeners. It’s also important to make sure that the system is set up correctly when you receive it, as if the pump isn’t seated correctly it can cause noise and vibrations. Also, be careful moving the unit. With a 13 gallon reservoir, the system is heavy and if moved while full, could cause the sidewalls to crack. It’s always best to move the system into place before filling the reservoir if possible.

One user on Amazon also said that the system can attract root aphids due to the consistently humid environment (hence the “Rainforest” name). While this will depend heavily on where you live and how well the system is isolated, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your hydroponic system to make sure plant pests aren’t calling it home. If aphids do get infest the roots of your plants, you can dip the roots in pyganic or another similar insecticide to kill them.


If you are looking for one of the simplest aeroponic systems out there, we highly recommend the Rainforest 66. A small and modular footprint combined and fast growth for both clones and rooted seedlings makes the Rainforest 66 a great choice.

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