Gowe NFT Hydroponic System

Product Name:Hydroponics System NFT
Type:Nutrient Film Technique
# Plants:36
Size Plants:Small
Gowe NFT Hydroponic System
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The Gowe NFT Hydroponic System at a Glance

A more complex hydroponic system that is good for those gardeners looking for a customizable, no-medium hydroponic system. The Gowe System is a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system. NFT uses a gravity-fed stream of nutrient solution to feed exposed roots in a sealed channel. The Gowe Nutrient Film Technique system can be set up for both intermittent or continuous feed cycles. This allows the system to be customized for multiple plants depending on nutrient and water requirements. This is a great system for all levels of hydroponic gardener as it is simple to set up and maintain but can also be easily tweaked by more experienced hydroponic enthusiasts. 


This system has a number of positive attributes that make it a great option for any hydroponic enthusiast:

  • Simple set up. It should only take about 30 minutes to get the system set-up, and only requires the addition of water and nutrients and a reservoir to start growing.
  • Supports a large number of plants. This system has space for up to 36 small plants, making it ideal for mixing and matching several plant varietals in the same system.
  • No Mess. Without the need for any growing medium, this system limits mess, making it ideal for indoor growing. In addition, with no medium, pests have fewer places to hide.
  • Cheap to operate. This system only requires a small pump to keep the circulation of water running over the roots. This pump requires minimal electricity to pump the water to the top of the structure. Gravity does the rest.


NFT is popular in commercial hydroponics


While this system does have 36 net cups for individual plants, the design and size of the system does not support larger plants. With that said, this system works great for starting out larger plant seedlings that can then be moved to a hydroponic system designed to support larger and heavier plants. The product description does also point out that the water reservoir is not included with the system, so it will need to be purchased separately.

The Gowe NFT Hydroponic System does have a slightly higher price-tag compared to some of the other systems on the market. With that said, the customizability and simplicity of the system help to justify the cost. 


The Gowe NFT Hydroponic System comes with the majority of components necessary to get growing underway. There are several components that you should consider for addition or upgrade. Because plants grown hydroponically rely heavily on a well-balanced nutrient solution, an appropriate reservoir is a must. There are also a number of different nutrient solutions on the market that you can use with the system. This will depend heavily on the type of plants you are growing. A pH meter and TDS (total dissolved solids) meter will help ensure that the nutrients remain properly balanced to maximize yield. Finally, it is worth looking into adding artificial lighting to increase growth and output. There are several types of grow lights on the market, however we recommend LED lights. They are cheaper and more efficient to run and have come down in price in recent years.


The Gowe NFT kit is closer to a commercial kit than a hobbyist kit. With customization at its core and no growing medium required, the system is well worth the price tag if you’re an enthusiast.

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